Soapstone Hand Carved Coasters Set 6 Piece

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  1. Use them to protect your favorite sufaces from scratches.
  2. Prevent wet stains from damaging your wood furnishings
  3. Keep as a decorative item to make your dining table look attractive.
  4. Get this coaster set for your mother, wife, sister as a gift.

Material: Soapstone.
Length: 3 inch.
Width: 3 inch.
Height: .2 inch.

How It's Made:
  1. These coasters are made up of best quality soapstone.
  2. Shaped and carved by experienced craftsmen by hand.
  3. Every piece have a unique design carved on it.
  4. Hand-crafted by skilled artisans of agra City.

Key Points:

  1. Made by love and dedication of skilled workers of agra.
  2. Every coaster has a attractive design carved on it.
  3. It includes an attractive holder to hold the coasters safely.

Key Features:

  1. These coasters are hand-carved by experienced artisans of agra. This soapstone coaster set is all you need to make your dining table/ bar/ restaurant table-tops look beautiful and classy. Your guest will feel loved and special by these coasters.
  2. The coasters are made of top quality soapstone. Set of 6 coasters and a beautiful stand to hold your coasters safely. Each coaster has a ideal size(3 inch) and fits in all type of cups and mugs. Use them as a decorative piece for your kitchen decor. Put your favourite mugs and beer cans.
  3. Every coaster is different from one another because of the material (natural soapstone). You will never get bored by these coasters because they are crafted by love and are perfect for yor kitchen decor.
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Why Us?
  1. All our products are made in India and Crafted by skilled artisans.
  2. Products sold by us are new, genuine with warranty.
  3. We are govt. certified manufacturer and exporter of stone products.
  4. We sell original stone items that comply with govt. processes.