Pyramid Glass Terrarium Votive Candle Holder

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Material: Iron
Color: Gold
Length: 6.5 Inch
Width: 6.5 Inch
Height: 9.5 Inch


Key Features:

  • Both contemporary modern style and classic elegance come together with this artistic glass Pyramid.
  • This terrarium is perfect for drought tolerant plants like cacti, air-plants and succulents to moss and fern this is a necessity for greenery lovers.
  • Dimensions: (L * B * H) (6.5 * 6.5 * 9.5) | Weight: 640 Gram
  • Designed with a faceted gap, this creates a unique visual and a great air plant terrarium environment for plants to thrive and candles to flicker. The options are as endless as your imagination.
  • The terrariums are made of ultra clear sodium calcium glass, (Plants and decoration are not included).


Terrarium for Plants:



  • Bring the outdoors in. That serenity and calmness of your garden, the picturesque look of plants and shrubbery will enliven your living space.


  • Designed for air plants, succulents and cacti which need no watering. It is also ideal for plants with limited watering necessity like moss and fern.


Tip: In order to keep your pants fresh and minimize over-watering, use a spray bottle to give a light spray of water every day.





Terrarium for Candle:



  • Ambiance. Everyone wants to create that warm and calm feeling in their home. A Terrarium is a great place to put those relaxing candles or conventional tea-lights. With a sophisticated shape and clear glass your candles will shine bright.


Tip: Keep the candle in the center of the Terrarium to achieve optimal beauty,


use a spray bottle to give a light spray of water every day.