Pedicure Foot Cleaning Scrubber Stone For Bathing | Set of 5

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Material: Marble
Color: Natural Marble Colour
Dimensions (L x W): Approx. length: 3 Inch , Width: 2 Inch
Height: 0.5 Inch
Set of: 5 pcs.


Key Features: 

1) This fine quality Marble stone will spring clean your soles in no time.

2) Dimensions approx. : ( L*W*H) (3 * 2 * 0.5) | Weight: 675 Gram.

3) Perfect for pedicures and regular maintenance of heels.

4) Removes calluses and dead skin.

5) Satisfy all the need of smooth and comfartable feet.



The Marble stone can exfoliate away calluses, stains and dead skin and will leave your skin looking fresh and smooth. You can wear any shoes you want (or even go barefoot) without worrying about how your feet look. It effectively exfoliate those rough spots. It is curved to reach the contours of your feet. Use in bath or shower while skin is softened. It is perfect for pedicures and regular maintenance of feet.