Handmade Wooden Motif Design Printing Blocks / Stamps

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Product Use:

  1. Make temporary henna tattoos on palm & hands.
  2. Make block prints on fabric, paper, clay, wood, scrapbook.
  3. Make school & college projects and painting homework.
  4. Make block prints on fabrics like covers, sheets, clothes.
  5. Make drawer knobs & table tops (fitting not included)


  1. Material: Rosewood | Sheesham Wood.
  2. Package: Set of 10 pieces wooden printing blocks.
  3. Size: Varies based on design from 2-4 inch.

How To Use:


  1. Spread color on a foam sheet.
  2. Push block on the colored foam sheet.
  3. Place blocks on paper or fabric and apply pressure all over.

The Making:

Key Features:

  1. These Wooden printing stamps are made in India from Rosewood by skilled rural handicraft artists.
  2. Before taking its final shape, each block goes through tracing, hand carving, dipping into neem oil overnight to make it pest free and coating 'Safedi' a final layer of lime that makes the outlines of a block prominent. 
  3. These printing blocks can be used as fabric printing blocks, paper craft prints, body tattoo, mehendi pattern blocks, scrapbooking & stamping, canvas printing blocks, wallpaper & wedding invitation card designing, wall painting and for any decoration purpose.
  4. Create fashionable home decor projects with this easy to use stamp design blocks and create beautiful designs.
  5. Engage yourself in more DIY home decor projects and spending your leisure time on useful crafts helps in de-stressing & relieves you from tension.

Key Points:

  1. The consistency of color should not be too thick nor too thin.
  2. The color should be evenly spread over the blocks using sponge.
  3. Do not expect 100% perfection in achieving design uniformity.
  4. Foam sheet, brush, henna, color or accessories NOT included.

Why Us?

  1. Handmade by Indian National Award Winner Artist.
  2. Stamps sold by us are new genuine with warranty.
  3. We are govt. certified maker and exporter of wooden blocks.
  4. We buy raw wood from certified suppliers to make stamps.
  5. We sell original wood stamps that comply with govt. processes.