Decorative Table Lamp For Home Decor

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Material: Steem Beech Wood
Color: Shade: White | Base: Green
Dimensions: Length/ Width: 4.4 Inch
Height: 14 Inch

 Table & Floor Lamp

Key Features:

  • Includes: Base and Shade.
  • Art type:- Wooden hand carving and inlay work, material:- Base: Mango wood, shade: Made of cotton cloth wrapped over polyvinyl.


A captivating piece of art, this floor lamp with an attractive design from the latest collection of Hashcart is a masterpiece in wooden. Decorate the interior or exterior of your house with this beautiful lamp and relish the green-eyed stares of the onlookers. Furthermore, you can fit an electric bulb inside it to enjoy its unrivaled beauty. When gifted with love, this beautiful and unique lantern can brighten up anyone's day.