Decorative Brass Buddha Statue With Wooden Base

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Material: Brass
Color: Gold
Length: 1.5 Inch
Width: 1 Inch
Height: 3.15 Inch


Key Features:

  • Constructed Out Of Premium Brass & Wooden Base To Serve as a Permanent Decoration.
  • Very Appealing and Eye Catching as a Home Decor Item.
  • Crafted Through Sand Casting Technique In North India.


The Buddha Statue :


Everyone wants perfect peace of mind that's free from ignorance, greed, hatred and other inflictive states. Buddha has always been a great symbol of peace. So, what could be a better gift or a better option to bring home than the idol of Buddha. The idol is made of premium quality Brass and has been designed beautifully. This statue has been enthusiastically handcrafted by skilled artisans from the house of Hashcart using various conventional techniques.


About Buddha Collection :

The Buddha statue collections are taken as the objects of great significance in Buddhism.Thoughtfully handcrafted,in different postures and colors,these sculptures also act as great objects of decoration of anyone's surroundings as they radiate the feeling of peace and calm around you. Along with the beautification of the surroundings, they spread the influence of peace and harmony around anyone's life.They also make a great desirable gift for people you truly love!