Hashcart Baran for Wooden Pattern Blocks | Designer Craft for Printing Mehandi/Textile /Pottery Carft/Saree Border/Canvas Painting || Set of 10 {Brown} ||

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SKU : HC-BOOTI-SET-1001-1010
BRAND : Hashcart

Product Description:

Designed for printing on any surface, cool choice for those who like the use of stamps for abstract art or crafting. Best to use with any abstract art experiments. Uniquely handcrafted Indian wooden printing blocks created using traditional carving skills and techniques. Gorgeously hand carved onto a wooden block, these wood blocks lend to various versatile and creative forms of printing like textile art, stationery, wax art, scrap booking, pottery, card making, clay projects, tiles, paper crafts, fabric crafts, handcrafted soap making, wallpapers, ceramics, henna, tattoo, candle making, etc. The blocks are carved out of rosewood (sheesham wood) by Indian National Award Winner. The blocks can be used to print with a variety of pigments such as oil colors, vegetable dyes, acrylic colors, water colors, fabric paints, glitter, clay, etc. This set of 10 pieces includes floral prints of various designs. Gift your loved ones with this block print.

Key Product Features:
  1. ❁ HANDCRAFTED WOODEN BLOCK : These Wooden baren are handcrafted from high quality Sheesham wood. These have been used for the woodblocks are carved by hand, there is often less detail and more texture to the prints. It is one of the oldest and effective types of printmaking. The cool choice for those who like the use of stamps for abstract art or crafting.
  2. ❁ MATERIAL : Sheesham Wood | Set of 10 Pieces | These block are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen of India. | Made in India Handicraft
  3. ❁ SUITABLE FOR MULTIPLE USE : Designed for printing on any surface, this decorative printing block can be used as fabric printing blocks, papercraft prints, body tattoo, mehndi pattern blocks, scrapbooking tools, canvas printing blocks, wallpaper & wedding invitation card designing, wall painting and for any decoration purpose. Engaging yourself in more home decor projects and spending your leisure time on useful crafts helps in de-stressing & relieves you from tension.
  4. ❁ DIRECTION TO USE : Prepare the fabric or other surface where you want to print. Spread color on wooden blocks using a sponge piece then carefully place the wooden block on an object and apply pressure all over. Once the color/ink will dry the object will be ready for use. The cool choice for those who like the use of stamps for abstract art or crafting.
  5. ❁ HASHCART SATISFACTION : We love to serve our customers with beautiful home decor products crafted by dedication and hardwork of skilled artisans holding great experience, our products will give you a smile everytime you'll see them. Hashcart wants to make their every customer happy. Our products are made in best quality material, every piece is carfted by love. All our products are packaged after manual inspection.