About Us

Hashcart is a proud brand of Hashcart India established in 2015 & Hashcart eCommerce Private Limited established in 2018, a manufacturer & exporter of home decor handicrafts & handloom products to leading brands in the USA, UK, UAE and across the globe.

Hashcart was formed to revive the dying art of hand carving work on wood. Hashcart has lived up to its values of sustainability, quality, design and rural artists empowerment.

We have presence on all major global marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, ETSY etc.

Our families have been manufacturing Handloom products from the past 100 years & Home Decor Handicrafts from the past 60 years, and we have are honored to be recogized several times for our contribution towards Indian Handloom & Home Decor sectors.